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Service Excellence

Deluxe Hotels Italy - a name, a guarantee. This unique group of Italian five-star hotels combines the great names of the Italian luxury hotel industry. These hotels are unique in the quality they offer, in the prestige they transmit and in the personal touch, which characterizes their excellent service.

The Deluxe Hotels Italy are among the most famous Grand Hotels of Italy. Founded in 2010, its reputation and prestige is based on the history and pride of the Italian luxury hotel industry, which the group has influenced significantly in the course of several decades.

"Service Excellence"
The name "Deluxe Hotels Italy" is synonymous with exclusive quality and highest standards. The standard of personal service is unique: hundred staff members provide for the welfare of a discerning clientele also accustomed to luxury in service. "Service Excellence is not only one of our guiding principles," it is an essential part of our thoughts and actions. The Deluxe Hotels Italy successfully use an exceptional quality program and control system, with more than 1500 criteria to ensure the highest standards.

Our returning guests
Our high standards are also appreciated by guests, who delight the exclusive atmosphere of the hotel. About a third of them come from Italy. Foreign guests, who spend their holidays or are on a business trip, come from Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, but also from other European and Asian countries. Russia and the Gulf states form another guest segment gaining in importance.

Always up to date
With an annual investment volume of several millions, the Deluxe Hotels Italy illustrate that they provide in the future every exclusive amenity in the quality, which has always characterized the Italian luxury hotel industry.
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